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Eligibility (For a Translation in Italian, Click Here

  • Only members with their membership paid and in good standing can enter shows. 
  • Previous winners in any category are not eligible to win again for the remaining calendar year, however, they may participate in the remaining shows and we will display their work on the Show Page. We are happy to have you show your work, you just won't be able to win again in within that year. 
  • Entries must be NEW, UNSOLD work on the day of entry to the show. You may enter a commission as long as you have the commission artwork in your possession at the time of entering the show. Your art may be offered and sell concurrent to the show but may not be previously sold. This is to ensure that the entry is the current work of the artist and not artwork from their past body of work.  
  • Entries must be entirely the work of the artist. The only exceptions are you can use purchased eyes/eyelashes; miscellaneous purchased accessories are allowed in the display/base/vignette but the doll must be completely original workmanship by the artist. The costuming, wings, crowns, etc must also be the original work of the artist; any deviation from this criteria must be submitted in writing to President Deb Wood prior to entry for consideration and pre-approval. 
  • No commercially made molds may be used to create the figure.
  • Entries must meet the criteria/theme for the Show.  Judges rate the entry 1/3 on how the piece complies with the theme for that show so be sure your work represents the theme. Your entry will not be accepted if it obviously does not fit the theme. 
  • Entries will be accepted throughout the calendar month specific to that Show and also will be accepted one month leading up to that Show. You may not enter a piece more than a month before the show starts. This allows members to be free to sell their work once they have entered the show.  
  • Members who are newcomers to sculpting may enter at the Novice Level. This is left to the discretion of each artist and they are expected to be forthright about this, the judges do not discriminate. 
  • Once an artist wins at Novice, they will from then on enter at the Intermediate Level, and may remain there until they either WIN AT INTERMEDIATE LEVEL or feel comfortable moving on to Advanced, which they can do if they wish. This gives other newcomers a chance to win the Novice Level award. 
  • Members may enter at any level they feel their work qualifies, but they must move to the next level once they win at the level they enter. Documents are kept by Admin to assure fairness in this rule. 
  • If there is an obvious discrepancy to this rule, Admin reserves the right to move an entry from Novice to Intermediate or Advanced.  
  • Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the rejection of the entry. We expect our members to comply with these rules and additionally expect a good faith effort from everyone to do so. 
  • We allow only ONE entry per member per show. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Judges are free to enter the shows also. When they do, they recuse themselves from judging in that show only and Deb Wood scores in their place. This is to make sure all aspects of our judging remains fair and impartial. Remember, the names are not attached to entries so the identity of the artist remains confidential.

Admin reserves the right to select, edit, crop or otherwise adjust photos to properly fit the Show Page as they need to correctly fit the format of that page. 



How to Enter

  • Fill out the Enter the Show form and submit 7 pictures of your work.  One close up of the face, one front view, one from the back and then one from each side. We also are now including a WIP (work in progress) photo. This will help the judges review the sculpting on figures that are fully costumed. This image will be made mandatory later in the show season, giving members a chance to take a WIP if they don't have them, but for the first couple shows, it is not mandatory to have a WIP photo. 
  •  We will put the "Best View" image on the Show Page. "Best View" is your choice to best reflect this artwork. 
  • Please do not add your name or text to the photo, it will be added below your pic.  Please crop your pictures so that as much of the extra background is eliminated and resize them in a photo editing program to 400 px in width/appropriate height (for the width) and at 72 dpi. For example, 400 px wide by 600 px tall.  We are finding the larger images are stalling our system so PLEASE RESIZE BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR IMAGES. 
  • Name each image with the doll's name and number 1, 2, 3, etc. For example, "alice1" would be the closeup of the face, "alice7" would be 'Best View' and save them in a jpg format.  Make sure your pictures are focused and have good lighting as this is what the judges have to go by to score your entry. Busy backgrounds are a deterrent to your artwork. 
  • Images that appear on the Show page are resized to 275 px in order for them to fit across the page. A portrait layout picture will appear larger than a landscape format picture. 
  • You will need to explain a bit about your work and how you arrived at that for the show's theme.           
  • There is no fee to enter.


     Deadline for the show is midnight (EST) on the last day of the month.  Your entry will be time-stamped. If you do not see your entry on the show page by midnight the last day of the month, please get in touch with Deb Wood immediately. This may mean your entry did not go through in time. 


    There is a 11 member jury that will judge the entries.  


The panel of judges are: 

    • Patrizia Cozzo/Italy
    • Leann Marshall/USA
    • Mindy Wood/USA
    • Nancy Valle/Canada
    • Raima Menhinnitt/Australia
    • Debbie McCain/USA
    • Rocky Anderson/USA
    • Phyllis Morrow/USA
    • Mari Carmen Garcia/Spain
    • Lori Platt/USA

Deb Wood votes as an alternate when another judge cannot participate in a show.

The decision of the judges is final and remains confidential; however, often the judges make comments on the entries and those can be shared with the contestants if they request them. The results of the voting remain confidential, though. 


Artists can enter at Novice, Intermediate or Advanced levels. This is left to the discretion of the artist to evaluate their skill level, based on their abilities and how long they have been sculpting. Once a member wins at the Novice Level, they are then required to enter at the Intermediate Level. This makes room for other newcomers to win at the Novice Level. A member can win one show per calendar year, in any category. 

The judges will be looking at three areas when scoring. The scores will be from 1 to 5 in each category, with 5 being the highest score.  Following are the three areas to be reviewed.

  • Interpretation of theme.
This defines how well the artist executes the actual theme for this show. It is important that the judge can see that month's theme reflected in your entry.
  • Technical acuity.
These are the nuts and bolts showing the technical skill and related to sculpting skill. Hands, feet (where appropriate), facial features, balance, proportion, etc., will all be reviewed for this score. Keep in mind that if your piece doesn't have hands or feet, as in the case of a bust, while you can still enter, those omissions will most likely be reflected in your score. 
  • Overall appearance.
This category will cover the basics- as in costuming, wigging, accessories, etc. The overall feel, appearance and quality of the piece. Again, accessories and costuming will come into play in this section because in some cases costuming is an important part of a theme.


  • Winners will be announced approximately one week after the close of the show. 
  • Winners will receive a deposit to their Paypal account in the amount of 25.00. 

We try to keep the show rules simple yet thorough.  If you have any questions, please contact:

  Deb at deb@debwood.comThanks for your entry and good luck! 

Viewers Please Note: 

This site contains sculptures and photography depicting nudity in an artistic form

Viewer discretion is recommended.




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