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 For This Theme Please Note
Create a piece which is your creative interpretation of your favorite sorcerer or sorceress, known or unknown, however you want to represent it. Life is magical, create a work of art that supports that.

Members who have already won a show during this calendar year; Have the line "Show Only, Non- Compete, prior 2018 Winner" under their entry. They can still show and get comments from the judges. They can only win one show per year. Remember, participation is important, it presents your artwork on the web and you support IADR when you do! 

Thanks Members, for your understanding. 



Deramin | Laura Schell

Amhalya | Alice Chiereghin

Linda Ellen Brown-Trinckes 
Hocus Pocus

Show only, Non-compete

Marisol Grijalva
Genie and the Lamp

Jerry Knegtel

Good Witch, Bad Witch

Show only, Non-compete

Alberto & Giuseppe
Rowena the Lady Crow

 Lisa Sahakian | Hecate

Alawansi | Anja Abbott

Abracadabras | Palma Battaglia

Sandra Espinosa Moreira

Evil Queen Sorceress

 Beware of Appearances

Show only, Non-compete

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