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IADR's BONUS January 2018 Member Show

What's this?  We encourage members to REALLY think outside the box and design artwork that is outside the norm for your usual style

OR, maybe you are already working in a realm other than what is considered mainstream, this is the show for you!  

Science Fiction, Ultra Fantasy, Human/Animal, you name it! 

Give it some thought and give this a try! 

Please Note: 

Members who have already won a show during this calendar year;

  • Have the line "Show Only, Non Compete, prior 20167 Winner" under their entry. 
  • They can still show and get comments from the judges
  • They can only win one show per year. 

Remember, participation is important, it presents your artwork on the web and you support IADR when you do! 

Thanks Members, for your understanding. 

To read the rules: Click Here 

To enter a show: Click Here

St. Mathis Keeper of the Bones

Miss Scarecrow

Frog Fairy





Rosa Dumanart | Magic Pelagy

Eleonora Casciaro | Destiny

Angel Burgess | The Intruder

Jessica Pompa | Ursula

Enrica Barbieri | Aqua Aura

Louise Crone | Cloth

Jennifer Abel | Spring's Herald

Barbara Cintolesi | Oly

Jerry Knegtel | The Universe

Lesley Duthie | Porcelain

Mara Ciasullo | Irina

Tiffany Flanagan

The Keeper of the Bones

Isabella Francione | The Orchid Mantis

Loredana Salvo | Beth Fairy

Cecilia Setti | Black & White Mermaids

Alberto and Giuseppe

Il Topo Martin e l'elfo Nocino

Bibs Lovelypam | Unicorn Fairy

Tiziana Passanisi | Pink Jewel

Wisha Segarra

Agartha, Lady of the Hollow Earth

Esther Manso | Ghost of Christmas Past

Lisa Sahakian | Phantom Queen

Lynn Jacobs | Dragonlady

Mu | Miss Scarecrow

Federica Furci | Ghost: Beyond the Light

Elisabetta Visentini | Memory

Ineke MarinussenGraveyard Clock

Sherry Lee Eisenbarth | Zebra Fae

Laura La Fauci | Aquaman

Rosa Grueso | Frog Fairy

Carmen Macarie | My Jake

Roser Navarro | Ghost Diva

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