IADR Show for July 2017

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Winners are Announced! Congratulations, Winners! 



Loredana Salvo - Krystall                       Anna Fantinel                   Hajnalka Mayor - Reflection

The Curvy Mermaid Jumped too High


To enter a show, go to Members Only/Enter Show tab

Please Note: Members who have already won a show during this calendar year have the line "Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2017 Winner" under their entry. 

They can still show and get comments from the judges, but can only win one show per year. Remember, participation is important, it presents your artwork on the web and you support IADR when you do! Thanks Members, for your understanding. 




Eleonora Casciaro -- Shining Koi

Loredana Salvo - Krystall

Laura Falaguasta - Nasty Trick 

Isabella Durosini - Pink Cherry 

Trish Roberts - Xin

Jennifer Abel -- Deep Blue Delight

Angel Burgess - Ruby's Leisure Time

Jerry Knegtel - Azelie - Guardian of the Heart

Thalia Woolbright - The Weeping Mermaid

Kim McCool -- Marin, Star of the Sea

Fredo - Caribbean Mermaid

Chiara Simi - Guardian of the Treasure

Orsy Forgony- Silver Wave

Marika Sangalli -- Megan






Jen Elliott -- Varog

Federica Furci -- Sandy

Remy Tuck -- Eleena

Dorota Pierzyk -- Argent The Poison

Bibs Lovely Pam-Out of the Ocean

Sherry Lee  --- The Great Race

Anja Abbott-  Pearl Collector

Murielle Giannini- Atargatis Queen of the Seas

Alison Maybury - Oil Slick 

Mar Corral  Ayafis 

Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2017 Winner 

Anna Fantinel The Curvy Mermaid Jumped too High

Lisa Sahakian Pirate's Song













Barbara de Girolamo  - Mermaid on the Shell

Vincenza Rito - Dea Atargatis

Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2017 Winner 


Elisabetta Visentini -  Beliryana Naga Protector of the Dark Water

Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2017 Winner"

Roser Navarro - Midushi 

Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2017 Winner"

Carmen Macarie - Celine's Friend

Hajnalka Mayor - Reflection

Patrizia Cozzo -- Black Pearl

Sandra Espinosa Moreira-Mermaid Couple

Benedicte Chiomento Splash 




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