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IADR Show; February 2017

"Art from the Soul"

Winners are Announced!!

 Novice                 Intermediate              Advanced



        Kendra Gilbert                                  Roser Navarro                                     Patrizia Cozzo 

  "Magic of Innocence"               "Love Without Boundaries"                            "The Letter" 


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To enter a show, go to Members Only/Enter Show tab

Please Note: Members who have already won a show during this calendar year have the line "Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2015 Winner" under their entry. 

They can still show and get comments from the judges, but can only win one show per year. Remember, participation is important, it presents your artwork on the web and you support IADR when you do! Thanks Members, for your understanding. 

         Novice          Intermediate           Advanced 

Timea P. Vajonne - "Ballerinas"

Eleonora Casciaro - "Unconditional Love" 

Mar Corral - "Sildra and Timerald in Love"

Barbara Cintolesi - "Santa Claus"

Angel Burgess - "Joan of Arc"

Tiziana Pasanisi-- "Burning Art" 

Amanda Smith -- "Thalia"

Jerry Knegtel - "You Raise Me Up" 

Loredana Salvo  "My Cinderella"

Alberto and Giuseppe- "Abel & Diana, 

The Romantic Souls"


Leslie Duthie-"Gardner, the Garden Brownie" 

Jasmine Helme - "Dancing Fairy" 

Jessica Pompa -- "The Flower of Hope"

Regina Russo -- "The Impossible Dream" 

           Rachelle Buan -- "Water Nymph"


       Isabella Francione -- "Juliet and my Soul, 

                  Premonition of Farewell"

        Kendra Gilbert -- "Magic of Innocence"  




Esther Manso -  "Caridad"

Elisabetta Visentini -- "Rage"

Marisol Grijalva -- "Dancing Soul"

Roser Navarro -- "Love Without Boundaries"

Daniela Spagnolo - "Amira" 

Bibs Lovelypam - "Brucie, Funny Bath" 

Murielle "Mu" Giannini - "Surrendered Angel"

Dorota Pierzyk - "Feelings are like Butterflies" 

Barbara Pecoraro-- "Cleopatra"

Jen Elliott -- "Snailiens, Date Night!"

Lisa Sahakian -- "Intrigue" 

Deborah H. Asper-- "Granted Wishes"



Sandra Espinosa Moreira - "Fairy Sorceress Caught" 

Hajnalka Mayor -  "Little Princess"

Barbara De Girolamo- "Marie Antoinette as Bo Peep"

Ineke Marinussen - "Guardians of my Soul" 

Laura La Fauci -- "Soul's Reflection" 

Elisa Fenoglio -- "Fairytale and Life, a Thin Line" 


Patrizia Cozzo --  "The Letter" 

Kristiina Meiner---"Anfy"

Bénédicte Chiomento-"HéloÏse et la Gourmandise"

Alessandra Nicolin-- "Centaur Eyes Color" 


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