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A New Gallery for Our Members share their other artistic endeavors! 

This new Gallery Section gives our members an opportunity to show ares of art that they work.

We aren't just fabulous sculptors, we are multi faceted Artists! 

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Members, feel free to upload images of your other artworks or hobbies here. 


Click Upload. You may load up to 5 images at one time. Photo sizes should be no larger than 8 x 10 and 150 DPI max. Once they are uploaded, then go back to each picture and click Edit. There you will get a window where you can tell us about the photo and also, please add your name so we know who posted! Thanks- have fun with this! I will delete older images to make room for new images. 

*Admin reserves the right to edit or delete photos as necessary. 

35 photo(s) Updated on: 20 May 2017
  • My very very first ever OOAK! my very 2nd ever felted piece!
  • "Ghost Of A Chance" 2009
  • "Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens Fan" 2009
  • "Brindabella Farm's Arabian Shawnie" July 2005
  • My very very first ever OOAK! my very 2nd ever felted piece!
  • "Abstract-ly Outta My Head" nov. 2007
  • Clay lamps...these are awards for a mountain race.
  • For a few time i've paint silk...wonderful technique!
  • I'm a product designer...in the past year I was involved in a project of dog design , kennels for dogs in convertible furniture objects. This is one example.
  • I love Clay, nature clay...and i've try Raku technique. Wonderful!
  • I love Elves...and i love create Elf Caps!, haaaaaa...i'm an elf too
  • A watercolor painting of a Red-faced Warbler.
  • Watercolor painting of a White-throated Sparrow.
  • Watercolor painting of a Great Blue Heron.
  • Acrylic painting of one of my hens. :)
  • Acrylic painting of Liv Tyler as Arwen from the Lord of the Rings.
  • This beautiful cake of little mice washing a car I created specially for my daughter in law, for her godchild's 2nd birthday
  • This completely edible table centerpiece I made for a fairy collector. She was made from sugar paste and fondant
  • I created this cake for my granddaughter Alexia for her first communion. The pond was filled with a self-made water gel, that made it look like a real pond
  • This birthday cake was made for a sweet little girl
  • I made this birthday cake for my grandson who loves the minions and Batman
  • I am a Graphic Designer. This is a graphics piece I created for a FB Banner ~ Adele Sciortino
  • This is a watercolour of a four-eyed butterfly painting. I took the underwater picture of this fish. ~Adele Sciortino
  • I took this picture at the New Orleans zoo ~ Adele Sciortino
  • This beautiful giraffe was posing for me. I took this picture at the New Orleans zoo. I created notecards from the zoo pictures ~ Adele Sciortino
  • I took this picture at the New Orleans zoo. I created beautiful notecards from zoo pictures ~ Adele Sciortino
  • A crocheted blanket I made also for my granddaughter.
  • Another afghan crocheted that a random person just received. Angel Burgess
  • Just stuffed dolls and a cardboard sleigh that I made a couple years ago. Angel Burgess
  • Just some Ada cloth that I stitched on and made these stockings. Angel Burgess
  • I made this dress, headband and slippers for my granddaughter. This is her, beautiful Skyla. Angel Burgess
  • My quilting-- this is called a French Braid pattern and requires 12 fabrics in a color gradation. Challenging. It's finished now!
  • These table toppers are called Triangle Frenzy and a whole lot of fun to do! They are made from border prints.
  • This quilt was made for my granddaughter on her graduation. It's called a bargello. Challenging but a whole lot of fun!
  • My granddaughter Cydney's Graduation gift. Bargello Quilt pattern,

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