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IADR Show for March 2016 -- "Magic"

Winners are announced! 

Novice                           Intermediate                    Advanced


Mu Giannini -- "Miss Bunny Magic"                Anna Cimmino -- "Genie's Lamp"                 Kristiina Meiner -- "Art Doll Magic Effy"


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To enter a show, go to Members Only/Enter Show tab

Please Note: Members who have already won a show during this calendar year have the line "Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2016 Winner" under their entry. 

They can still show and get comments from the judges, but can only win one show per year. Remember, participation is important, it presents your artwork on the web and you support IADR when you do! Thanks Members, for your understanding. 

         Novice          Intermediate           Advanced 

Elisabetta Visentini--Ardha and the King Fish's Magic


Tiziana Passanisi -Bejeweled Mermaid

 Isabella Francione -- "Celine" The Good Witch

Eleonora Casciaro - Trinity

Lynne Burgess -- Castielle

Mu Giannini- Miss Bunny Magic

Bibs Lovelypam -- Guardian of the Spring

Allessia Ciccolone-- Genie of a Bottle

Rebecca Garcia -- Goddess

Donna Polly -- Gone Awry

Anja Abbott-- Easter Alice

Emanuela LaValle - Ice Crystal

the magic of Ice and the Crystals


Sandra Espinosa -- Spring Prelude

Anna Cimmino -- Genie's Lamp

Jasmine Helme -- Three Wishes Fairy

Sherry Lee -- Genie in the Lamp

Lisa Sahakhian -- Who's the Fairest? 


Kristiina Meiner -- Art Doll Magic Effy

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