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IADR Show for November 2015 -- "Angels"

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To enter a show, go to Members Only/Enter Show tab

Please Note: Members who have already won a show during this calendar year have the line "Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2015 Winner" under their entry. 

They can still show and get comments from the judges, but can only win one show per year. Remember, participation is important, it presents your artwork on the web and you support IADR when you do! Thanks Members, for your understanding. 

         Novice          Intermediate           Advanced 

The Winners are Announced! Drum Roll Please! 

     Emanuela La Valle - Ariel        Barbara de Girolamo - Rising Angel       Mindy Wood -  Catch a Falling Star 


Loredana Salvo -- Black Angel

Bibs Lovelypam -- My Angeline

Selin Sözen -- Angels are Male

Melanie Chouniard --Aoife

Judy Pollard -- Heaven's Messenger

Emanuela La Valle -- Ariel, Angel of Peace

Ines Siegel --Grace   

Daniela Spagnolo -- Elena

Victoria Edwards -- Arielle Angel of Fire 

Rebecca Garcia -- Zarah, A Goth Angel 

Alessia Ciccolone -- Ayala 

Mar Corral -- Aisha: The Winter Angel 

Santola Mastrandrea -- Saphira 

Regina Russo -- Rachael, Peace and Love


Donna Polly-- My Guardian Angel

Penny Walker -- Lucy, Angel of Love, Acceptance and Peace 

Barbara De Girolamo - Rising Angel

Christel Hutson-- Fall From Grace

Federica Furci -- An Angel's Prayer

Non Compete, View Only- Prior 2015 Winner

Jasmine Helme -- Angel of Freedom

Leann Marshall- Orphan

Non Compete, View Only- Prior 2015 Winner

Lisa Sahakian-- Rainbow Bridge

Dorota Pietrzyk-- Eternal Emotions

Francesca Cirino -- My Angel

Noemi Smith -- Spirit of Christmas

Hajnalka Mayor -- Jamie

Non Compete, View Only- Prior 2015 Winner

Kristiina Meiner-- Angel Lluvy

Mindy Wood -- Catch a Falling Star

Palma Battaglia -- Lucrece, the Good Fighter

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