IADR Show for July 2015 -- "Mermaids"


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           Esther Manso -- Serene                Janis Higgins -- She Is Me                 Hajnalka Mayor -- Freja 

The scoring was incredibly close in this show. 

Congratulations to our winners- and to all those who entered, please keep up your excellent efforts. 


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Photos will be edited to a maximum of 275 px WIDE to fit on this page.

 If you choose to use a landscape layout for your "Best View" photo, it will appear smaller here than the others. 

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Roser Navarro -- Pink Leopard Mermaid

Eleonora  Casciaro -- Heart of the Ocean

Esther Manso -- Serene

Bibs Lovelypam -- Mermaid's Pool Time

Emanuela La Valle -- Victoria and David

Sarah Pierzchala -- Serenity

Mar Corral -- Anabella Mermaid

Elaine Fisher -- Dark Mermaid

Darlene Mahon --Goldie

Linda Lyons -- Black Pearl

Carmen Gamiz - Mediterranean

Melanie Chouinard -- Trove Keepers

Nancy Vallee -- Sweet Perl Sleeping Mermaid

Ana Di Bella -- Tara 

Alessia Ciccolone --  Keira 

Wisha Segarra -- Elide Sirena Dorada 

Prior 2015 winner, Exhibition Only

Federica Furci -- Hope

Prior 2015 winner, Exhibition Only

Sandra Espinosa -- El Sueño De Da Sirena

(Mermaid Sleeping) 

Mamie Leger -- Nerissa

Chris Hutson -- Caspian

Daniela Spagnolo --The Dance of Mermaids

Elena Savarese -- Little Mermaid Green

Lisa Sahakian -- Undersea Masquerade Ball

Bénédicte Chiomento-Waiting for the Bus of Holidays

Francesca Cirino -- Elisewin 

Janis Higgins -- ShelsMe

Sherry Lee -- Delphina

Debi Cady -- Cordelia

Lori Platt -- Summer School 

Hajnalka Mayor -- Freja 

Vicci Noel -- Apollo Merman

Kristiina Meiner -- My Marine Sunshine

Mindy Wood -- Marina

Meggie McCarty -- Pensive Mood

Amanda Haney -- Purple Mermaid


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