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IADR Show for March 2015 -- "Mythology"

Winners are Announced!

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     Federica Furci -- Medusa       Tatiana Canini --Adhes & Persephone         Amanda Day -- Artemis

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Photos will be edited to a maximum of 275 px WIDE to fit on this page.

 If you choose to use a landscape layout for your photo, it will appear smaller here than the others. 

         Novice            Intermediate           Advanced        



Emanuela La Valle  --  Goddess Benzaiten

Olga Karpushin  -- Angelina Angel 


Federica Furci --  Medusa  

Daniela Spagnolo -- La Mia Driade

Thalia Woolbright 

Thalia - Muse of Comedy 

Christine Reilly  -- Ophelia

Laura La Fauci -- The Fairy's Kiss


Serena Rastrelli  -- Apollo

Regina Russo -- Penelope

Esther Techy Manso -- Pandora

Rachelle Baun -- Valkyrie

Katja Kunstek--Persephone

Bibs Lovelypam -- Neytiri

Elena Savarese -- Driade

Kristiina Meiner -- Sirin

Tatiana Canini --  Adhes & Persephone

Francesca Cirino --Amore e Psiche

Luke Anthony Smith -- Hercules

Mamie Leger -- Selene, Greek Moon Goddess

Deborah Hope Allen -- Ginger Bacco of the Wood

Lisa Sahakian -- Lady Luck

Sherry Lee -- Genie in the Lamp

Ineke Gniffies -- Ladybug

Amanda Day -- Artemis

Anna Cimmino -- Ocean Mermaid

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