IADR November Show - Steampunk! 

This is our last show for 2014 so be sure to enter! Our next show will be February 2015, Art from the Soul

The Winners of our Show are: 

                Novice Winner                                  Advanced Winner


  "The Wait" by Francesca Cirino        "Leonora Steampunk" by Alessandra Nicolin 

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                 Novice                             Advanced   


          Roser Navaro-   "Steampunk Rose"                                                    Lyuba Dmitriyev  -"Schorl"       



            Izabela Krzyżanek  -"Steampunk Ariel"                                       Alessandra Nicolin - Lenora Steampunk 




                            Tanya Wilson - "Steampunk Elf"                                               Sherry Eisenbarth - Steampunk Time Piece    



                            Techy Manso - Steampunk Nina                      Deborah H. Allen - Mr. Darling the Stone Seeker and Snort Big Nose 

                                                                                                                                                                     (Previous September 2014 Winner- non competition piece) 




                            Mar Corral- Lady Resistencia                                                  Lisa Sahakian -  Steampunk Vampire Hunter




                          Francesca Cirino  - The Wait  



                        Alessia Ciccolone    -  Steampunk Dancer



                           Donna Polly  - Flight of Fantasy

Viewers Please Note: 

This site contains sculptures and photography depicting nudity in an artistic form

Viewer discretion is recommended.




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All artwork is the property of the artists and may not be copied or reproduced in any way without express written consent of the Artists and/or Admin of International Art Doll Registry. 

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