May- Mother Nature


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Mindy Wood- Mother Earth

Lori Platt  "Allegory of Life- the Four Seasons"

Barbara DeGirolamo "The Birth of a Fairy" 

Alessandra Nicolin "Albino Mermaid" 

Sherry Lee  "The Protector of the Dragonflies" 

Esmeralda Gonzalez "The Flowers Guardian" 

Kristiina Meiner "Wind" 

Melinda Wood "Mother Nature" 

Benedicte Chiomento "Gaia"

Lisa Sahakian "A Tango: The Tide & Mr. Moon

Noemi Smith "Gaia"

Alan Jong "Mother Nature and Baby Peace!" 



(We had a tie)

Dorota Pietrzyk-Kingfisher's Song

Sergei Davydov- Hypnosis

Elaine Fisher  "Spring Blossom Fairy" 

Sergei Davydov- "Hypnosis"

Mar Corral  "Erdam Embarazada"

Timea Vajonne "Freeza's Forest Friend"

Ineke Gniffies  "Winter" 

Sandra Espinosa  "Ninfa Del A'rbol"

Nadia Bimonte "Mother Nature"  

Dorota Pietrzyk  "Kingfisher's Song"

Margaret Mancini  "The Life" 


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