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Winners of the Art from the Soul Show 2014

"Love for the Music" by Elisa Fenoglio- Advanced

"Noa" by Tatiana Canini- Novice

Congratulations to our winners! And thank you to everyone for the excellent entries. There were so many! You all should be proud! 






Patrizia Cozzo - Flower Spirits Sisters






Nia Romain - Spiritual Transformation







Joyce Collins - Precious Love







Kristiina Meiner-Firebird






Kristiina Meiner-Two Flowers





 Palma Battaglia- Becoming, Orlando






Esmeralda Gonzalez-Tasha





Alessandra Nicolin-Bad Roses






Lisa Sahakian-The Red Thread Weaver








Anna Cimmino-Liam







Elisa Fenoglio-Love for the music






Sherry Lee-Blue Mermaid






Janice Kennelly-Coming Full Circle 





Anna Maltauro-The Spirit of Wood








Barbara De Girolamo - Everlasting





Tatiana Canini-Noa





Greta Guizzardi-Pigol





Francesca Biella-Medusa





Judy Pollard-Wonder Of Innocence





Rossella Mastellotto-Lyanna













Mari Carmen Garcia-Shadi Mermaid Dreams








Dorota Pietrzyk-Loneliness from Depths






Patty Rowe-Morena








Theresa Kelly-February








Donna Polly-Dandy







Regina Russo-Frammenti di cielo









Maria Sorace-Gypsy



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