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'Anime Style' - Big headed, big eyed dolls with understated facial features.




Congratulations to our winners!

Melinda Wood-Mariko (Advanced)


Lisa Sahakian -The SteamPunks (Novice)






Noemi Smith-Kat


Not entered for judging

 (previous 2013 Show Winner)




Pieragostini Ilona -Shaylee




 Lisa Sahakian -The SteamPunks







Anna Cimmino -Kiki






Irene Setyaeva -Sharp Grace






Melinda Wood-Mariko






Bénédicte CHIOMENTO -Christmas Fun




Sherry Lee-Nydis, The Helper of Blue Dragons



Donna Magana-Brittney (Anime)




Sam Wulfehunter -Dark Angel Suki


Not entered for judging

 (previous 2013 Show Winner)

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