September- 'Twisted Fairy Tales' Give your Fairy Tale piece a dark and twisted edge.





CONGRATULATIONS to our Show winners: 


Kie Spate-Little Red Riding Hood   



Sam Wulfehunter-Momi Granie

 And Goblin Kutu 









Barbara Scott-Wicked Tinkerbell








Sherry Eisenbarth-The Scarlet

Hooded Wolf






Ksheyna Nightswood -Briar Rose










Mari Carmen Garcia-The Queen Ravenna










Palma Battaglia-Mad Hattress and Little Alice









Margaret Atkinson-Dark Red Riding Hood










Kie Spate-Little Red Riding Hood









Bénédicte CHIOMENTO-The Dark

Side of Tinker Bell










Kristiina Meiner-The Downfall









Esmeralda Gonzalez- Red riding hood

 (Grandma is death)










Anna Cimmino-Star Wars Couple










Rebecca Garcia-Red Riding Wolf








Sam Wulfehunter-Momi Granie

 And Goblin Kutu










Lisa Sahakian-Wicked She Wolf Masquerading

As Grandmother





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