May- 'Cultural Princess' Princess from around the world! One of the first things that springs to mind when we think of Cultural Princess's is the beautiful, detail rich costumes. This is a great month to display your costuming skills!



Congratulations to our winners!


Elisa Fenoglio-Elizabeth (Advanced)




Noemi Smith-Inca Princess (Novice)


If you have any questions about the show please contact Debbie McCain







Anna Cimmino-Rapunzel






Elisa Fenoglio-Elizabeth






Kie Spate-Daddy's Little Princess






Sherry Eisenbarth-Cleopatra





Kristiina Meiner-Tereza





Margaret Atkinson-Tudor Princess





Bénédicte CHIOMENTO-La Rose de Versailles





Anna Maltauro-Native American Princess

(Not entered for judging-Previous 2013 winner, upgraded from Novice to Advanced)




Janice Kennelly-Indian Princess Bride







Mari Carmen García-Maria Antonieta






Noemi Smith-Inca Princess





Elena Savarese-ARIA







Elena Savarese-Catherine


Viewers Please Note: 

This site contains sculptures and photography depicting nudity in an artistic form

Viewer discretion is recommended.




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