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March- 'Star Signs of the Zodiac' 12 Wonderful signs to choose from!


Congratulations to our winners!


Amanda Haney-Capricorn (Advanced)




Nia Romain-Gemini (Novice)


If you have any questions about the show please contact Debbie McCain







Kristiina Meiner-Pisces




Elisa Fenoglio-Aries Faerie




Sherry Lee-Leo- The Lioness




Kristiina Meiner-Lion



Kie Spate-Little Lion




Margaret Atkinson-Aquarius



Anna Cimmino-Virgo



Janice Kennelly-Cleo the Lionfish


Esmeralda Gonzalez-Aries Moon Light



Amanda Haney-Capricorn







Anna Maltauro-MyAries




Nia Romain-Gemini




Bénédicte CHIOMENTO-Caprigirl



Tatiana Canini-Lady Scorpion




Mari Carmen García-Capricornio 




Margaret Mancini-Taurus



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