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February- 'Art From the Soul' An IADR February tradition. For this show, there is no specific theme, but rather the opportunity for the artist to create a work of art depicting emotion! Whatever you feel in YOUR SOUL, let that flow through into your work. It can be happiness, sadness, pensiveness, grief, joy! Peace. You get to decide what the theme of your piece will be.






Congratulations to our winners!!!



 Advanced category winner:Alessandra Nicolin with her entry 'Theater of Life'


 Novice category winner:Anna Maltauro with her entry 'Magico Incontro'






If you have any questions about the show please contact 

Deb Wood





Liliane Peeters-Sad Safera



Alessandra Pernigo-Lilith



Barbara Scott-Falling From Grace


Ksheyna Nightswood-The Queen of the Heart of the World



Palma Battaglia-Nautilus Mermaid


Alessandra Nicolin-Theater of life



Patrizia Cozzo-The Princess and the Pea



Anna Cimmino-Emptiness



Kristiina Meiner-Fairy Valusha



Larysa Champagne-Secret in the deep sea



Debora Martin-Beauty Sakura



Melinda Wood-Newtown


Janice Kennelly-The Driftwood Fairy


Kie Spate-HeartBreak



Bénédicte CHIOMENTO-My heart is withering like these doves in cage


Anna Maltauro-Magico incontro...



Tatiana Canini-The soul in ballet shoes



Nia ROMAIN-DayDreamer



Margaret Mancini-Valentina



Mari Carmen García-Miss Moss Gold



Gemma Bufton-Lost Love



Soso Erlenkamp-Aurora Borealis' dance for the last polar bear



Nadia Bimonte-Gothic Batgirl




Maria Di Palma-Scary, Smelly Encounter



Colleen Bigler-My Tom 1938


Colleen Bigler-Linda Pulp Fiction


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