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May Fantasy Art

Mari Carmen Garcia


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Mari Carmen
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May Fantasy Art
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Castellon -Com.Valenciana

My name is Mari Carmen, I’m from a town of Castellón, Com.Valenciana, Spain, I am an artist dolls OOAK (One of a kind) Fantasy Art Dolls.

My works are unique mold unassisted, with a wire structure, polymer clay, my hands and lots of love.

As a child I loved to draw up, and until the age of twelve I played with dolls for changing hair, clothes I loved them, so make them up.

My family has always been sewing, my grandmother sewed some beautiful dresses, and my maternal grandmother wove all sorts of fine thread lace, quilts etc thread, it is my memory to see her in her rocker knitting beautiful quilts, my mother was dressmaker at a time of his life.

Study of young hairdresser when I married my life took another path, my husband, printer by profession and I mounted a printing company and although my role has been keeping records of the company, always get involved in the design issues graphic and support the ideas of the designers because it is a subject that fascinates me.

I love helping especially design wedding invitations, posters and advertising campaigns, etc..

I found this wonderful world in mid-2011, researching on the Internet, and it was not until the month of November I bought a tutorial and made my first doll that went wrong at all, my surprise was that I never thought I would be able to get something out of a handful of clay and wire.

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