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Over the Ocean Studio

Kassity Allison


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I have been creating as long as I can remember. I grew up in a small town on a small ranch surrounded by my horses and our family dog on my heels. I spent many hours in the outdoors wondering around exploring nature as my young creative mind soaked it all in. I was born in Edmonton, at the time a small town in central Alberta Canada. I found at a very young age art was my passion. I started drawing very young which advanced into painting and continued into my adult years. I am a self-taught artist and mostly did paintings, drawing and on occasionally created glass etchings. In 2007 I discovered polymer clay. I discovered sculpting to be another possible form to create my work. I found very quickly it was a wonderful way to bring my designs to life. I was warmly welcomed into the Doll Community in 2007 where I started creating dolls for collectors, which I fondly called figurative sculptured artist dolls. I presently sculpt OOAK character artist dolls, fantasy artist dolls, and at times creature sculptures. I feel this part of my bio is important so I will include it. I worked as a professional artist in this field for several years until an injury took my sight in my right eye. I have not been creating as I once did. I felt my artist career was over. Being an optimistic personality, however, I believe that when life throws you a curve ball you hit it with everything you got. It just took me awhile to get here. I am pleased to be back and connecting with this wonderful community of artists and I look forward to the creative adventures ahead.

(photo by Artist Lynne Burgess)

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