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Spirit Enchantress

Jennifer Elliott


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Spirit Enchantress
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Greetings! I am Spirit Enchantress. From my little art studio just 2 blocks from the ocean in Central Oregon, I bring you my curious creations. Colorful and energetic, my artworks are often based on my dreams, evoking a sense of play and wonder at life's possibilities - little windows into other worlds.

My polymer clay sculptures reside in the homes of international collectors, across many states, and here on the Oregon coast.

When not "doing art" I'm walking the beach with my husband, laughing and marveling at this beautiful state we live in. We're proud parents to our sweet, scruffy dog Gromit, who is always a willing sidekick. I love music and singing (sometimes professionally) and I'm currently writing a novel.

Come with me into my whimsical world, where we'll meet fairies, dragons & dryads. Join me here, where magic abounds!

(photo by Artist Lynne Burgess)

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