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FantasySculpt by Jerry
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As a small girl I was already fascinated by fairies.
When I started off as a cake decorator, my speciality were tiered cakes decorated with beautiful fairies made out of gum paste and fondant.
I became well known for my sugar fairies. One day somebody contacted me with the question, if i could make the fairy on the birthday cake out of clay, instead of sugar paste, so they could keep her for ever.
I decided to give it a try, but it took a lot of tries before the clay fairy came out as beautiful as my sugar fairies! Luckily for me I had a whole month to practice before the cake with the clay fairy, had to be delivered. A great deal of fairies where transformed back into a lump of fimo, but in the end I succeeded!!!
And... the cake got delivered right on time!
I got a lot of compliments on the fairy, and a few orders for a clay fairy too!!!
My cake business is still my main priority, and I still make my so loved tiered cakes with fairies for my customers. But my greatest hobby is my Ooak fairies, whom I often sell.
But with some of them, I can't part :o)
Creating them is pure relaxation for me, and in each little lady I create, lies a tiny piece of my heart, because each and every one of them... gets created with love.
Warm hugs

(photo by Artist Lynne Burgess)

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