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Atelier Miss Georgia Doll (AMG DOLL)
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My name is Marie Georghy Jacob and I come from a family where beautiful things, like fashion, art, music and craftsmanship are loved and appreciated. Since the tender age of 9, I knew that I would make a career in the fashion industry. I was born in Montreal, where I currently live and work.

By the year 2000, the same year I started to work in the fashion industry, I’ve discovered the late BARBIE BAZAAR doll magazine and a new passion was born: fashion dolls! However, I started collecting fashion dolls only in 2007 by discovering an Essential Redhead Ellowyne Wilde (Wilde Imagination), in the august 2007 edition of HAUTE DOLL magazine. In December 2008, in order to fill a gap in the world of fashion doll design, I founded MARIE GEORGE MONTREAL. This contemporary clothing line was created especially for dolls such as Ellowyne Wilde and American Model (Tonner Doll).

In late 2011, I came to realize that by making outfits for dolls who have a strong personality, a specific style or who have been simply discontinued, that both of my personal style and personality where lacking. All of these elements made question my future regarding doll fashion. So in mid-January 2012, I decided to create my own fashion doll with quality standards, aesthetics and most importantly, that shares my sense of style for both modern and traditional ethnic fashion.

The Journey

As a final word and an important one, creating these OOAK fashion art dolls didn’t come overnight. In fact, making them came with a lot of trials and errors. Finding the right techniques and materials, especially when it came to find the perfect clay was the hardest one. Also, practice and improvement were needed and still are.

Fashion is my life, textile is my true calling and dolls are a personal passion of mine. It seems obvious to me, that a marriage between all three was meant to be. Over the past three years, I discovered that I didn’t simply consider myself as a doll artist, but much more as a doll maker & fashion doll designer. Since both of my personal and professional backgrounds are in the fashion industry, it seems natural for me that both worlds come together.

In my blog website, you will find the behind story on how I ended up making figurative fashion art dolls from day one and all the highs and lows I came across!

Best regards to you all

Marie Georghy Jacob

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