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As far back as I can remember I had a fondness for art. I was always drawing , coloring, painting and seeking some sort of approval from every person whom I showed my work to. At the time I was just a child, but to me that knowledge of knowing something I created was wonderful was an amazing feeling. I was always a perfectionist. I remember sitting on the living room floor in Ville Saint Laurent when I was around 8-9 years of age coloring a bear picture. To me this bear picture was my best piece yet. I remember thinking about how evenly the color spread over the bear and how I did not forget any spaces to color. I saw no white nor any coloring outside of the lines. Around the same time I realized I really loved to draw. My brother had a friend over one day and he sat and taught us how to draw a tough guy with spiked hair and sun glasses. I thought he was the most coolest character ever. I started to then draw characters. Now that you have learned how I fell in love with drawing and coloring I will tell you how I came across blending colors​

How I became a OOAK sculptor

Even though my mom till this day says her coloring skills are not the greatest I concur !!! I remember coloring with her as a teen and the way she colored in the beasts hair from beauty and the beast with multiple colors rather then just brown, amazed me. I was floored and proud! I took my coloring to the next step and started my own blends. As I got older I started to paint on canvas. I started children's wall art commissions, and for awhile it suited me. It was wonderful. In the back of my mind though I kept wondering if this type of medium was for me. I hated that lingering off feeling. One day in 2006 as I was browsing ebay for competitors. I came across reborns and then sculptures. I was amazed! I browsed through tuns of tutorials and surfed the web like no tomorrow. I shopped on ebay and bought all that was needed to start creating. I joined a wonderful community of sculptors called ooakdollart. I there then met amazing people, learned so many different ways to sculpt and am still a member till this day.

Thank you for taking the time to read

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