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North Carolina
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When I was little I loved Halloween and everything that went with it: the costumes, the candy, the excitement I felt as my sister and I made our way through our darkened neighborhood, the familiar now transformed into a make-believe world where I felt anything was possible. I still love that delicious feeling and try to instill it into my work as well.
I love to create original work that is somehow uplifting and inspiring. I create what I love and hope that others will recognize the positive aspects my sculptures and books may stir in their own spirits, and love them too.
I'm retired from 6 years of dental assisting and 27 years of carrying mail with the U.S. Postal Service. I have one beautiful and talented daughter and a very active grandson, and am married to my love and very best friend, John.
When I retired I had more time for family, friends, and since I've always had a creative drive I dabbled in different things, including art and writing.
I opened an Etsy shop and offered some of my handmade items for sale including jewelry and knitted things, and little sculpted characters. Eventually my newfound love for sculpting took over to the point I feel it to be my "calling." The dolls are fantasy--fairies, mermaids, mythical folk. I also love sculpting animals.
To integrate my love for writing and for sculpting, I created a children's story/picture book, Little Fairy Afraid--writing the story and then sculpting the characters for it, then photographing them in detailed settings I created--and in that way illustrated the book along with my original sketches and paintings.
I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have the support of those I love and to be able to do the things I love.

(photo by Artist Lynne Burgess)

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