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OOAK Artdoll sculpting is one of the things I hold a profound passion for. I focus mainly on fantasy sculptures. 4-14 inches in scale. Making nature, species and ideas, tangible the Frey'Dez way.

Oldest of five kids. California born. I discovered the art of Sculpting in 2007 in a search to discover a way of creating my visions/thoughts without spending years and years and tons of money going to schools (which I had already tried going to three different schools) and earning degrees to be able to create/do what I really wanted. I quickly became consumed with the gorgeous Images of the incredibly talented Sculptors I came across, Aidamaris Roman & Eneida Rosa to name a couple, and now highly admire for their innovation and contributions to the world of Polymer Sculpting.

​So, from all that inspiration I began to build my modest Sculpting Studio in my home. I would Sculpt whenever I could find any amount of time as it put me in such a place of Love and joy. I bought books and read them over and over again so that it would feel second nature to me. ​ Now I'm on a constant journey to refine, better and fine-tune my skills and techniques to be able to make the kind of art I am picturing in my head, to have my skills reflect the passion I feel for my art. The 3D programs I use in conjunction with my Sculpting passion aid me in the creation of my sculptures.

Hopefully,​ you'll join me on my journey and I'm wishing I'll also inspire and help other individuals that need help and guidance as I once did. When a Frey'Dez Creation is purchased, a certain percentage of each individual creation will be donated to environmental organizations to help ensure a secure future for us all as these are causes I also have a passion for and hold very dear to my heart and are things I believe should be world-wide efforts. As a big advocate for these causes what better way to have one of my major passions (sculpting) contribute to my other passions.

I'm Fredo [FRAY-doh], aka Frey'Dez Studios, and I have a few passions in my life; gymnastics, the environment/nature, clay sculpting & singing. I did and taught gymnastics for 10 years and loved it (still do it recreationally)! I am a petition signer on Change.org & Care2.com because I firmly believe that "WE need Nature. NATURE doesn't need us." so I do what I can to help protect it and help it thrive.

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