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 A "Heavenly" Track Record

  • Deb has been sculpting for 30 years
  • Her work was reproduced into a nationwide gift line ("Happy Habits, Li'l Bits, Heaven Sent Angels")
  • She has taught live sculpting seminars across the nation
  • Her work has been featured on television
  • Her work has been featured in news articles
  • Her work has been featured in magazines
  • Her work has been featured in advertisements and labeling for polymer clay
  • Her work has been featured on home shopping networks
  • She has been the featured cover artist on Doll Reader
  • She has written many instructional articles for companies & publications
  • She has conducted product testing & development for major companies
  • She is a featured instructor for


✍  From Deb Wood--

"Call me introspective, but I often wonder what course my life would have taken if it weren’t for art. It has been my focus, my passion and my constant companion since I was a child. I cannot imagine. Art has always been with me; it fills my heart with joy. I don’t think I, or anyone could ask for more than that. All through high school and beyond, my focus was on Graphic Arts; but my interests eventually turned to the dimensional arts and a love of sculpting evolved.

After being introduced to the world of polymers in 1988, I could hardly SLEEP! My mind raced while considering the potential of this fascinating medium. Almost immediately I began designing and selling mixed media figurative sculpture at local art shows. Well now, that was almost 30 years ago… And they said it wouldn’t last.

In 1994 my work was licensed into reproduction with the introduction of my first gift lines, the most popular being “Happy Habits”, the funny little comical nuns. They were highly sought by collectors and were sold nationwide for several years. I continued to produce new lines for the gift industry until 2002.

They say people go back to their roots, and those roots called me back in 2004 when I began to once again create and sell my work directly to collectors by creating “one of a kind” (OOAK) figurative sculpture and market them via the web! The collectors and patrons make this such a rewarding experience. My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one…you might want to read some of the wonderful comments from collectors found on the Testimonials Tab on the menu bar. In addition to creating one of a kind work, during the past 28 years I have also taught sculpting seminars all across the nation to young and young at heart. My work has been featured on television, in newspaper articles, magazines, advertisements and labeling for polymer products. It has been marketed on home shopping networks.

My fairy “Semone” was on the cover of Doll Reader in May 2009 along with myself as the Featured Artist. What an honor and a surprise! Always willing to share technique, I have also written several instructional articles as useful teaching aids for companies and publications and conducted product testing and development for the major companies as well. In 2010 I was asked to assume the duties as President of the International Art Doll Registry and through that online organization, I continue to encourage and teach artists interested in learning more and promoting their art. In 2011 I joined the ranks with other skilled and specialized artists at A for Artistic where I offer a full curriculum of sculpting and accessory online classes. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have graced my life. I work from a home studio and office in northern Minnesota, USA. I call this “God’s Country”.

I have been corrected and have been told there are other places as aptly named, but this is my little piece of heaven. Surrounded by large rolling gardens and snuggled into a cozy log home, it really is my nirvana; a fabulous place to be creative. I consider myself very lucky to be here. While we continue to see our beloved polymer clays evolve, we too as artists must adapt and grow, change and blossom. I hope my guidance and instruction helps new and experienced artists alike gain the confidence they desire to make this medium as challenging and rewarding for them as it has been for me. In these 25 years it has given me so much and now it’s my turn to give back. Sculpting and creating have blessed me beyond what any words could ever express and I hope the same will hold true for you. That would be the best gift of all."

✍  Why Deb Creates--

"To bring into existence these tiny beings. This stirs in me gentle, comforting thoughts of long ago. It is a nurturing process and certainly the most satisfying. Whether it’s a memory of my own childhood conjured up, or perhaps fond recollections of my children’s youthful days, this practice of sculpting figures, dressing them, attending to every detail... it’s like being a child and 'playing house' all over again! To be able to do this and have it appreciated by others, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. This intrinsic act of creating a figure, then watching the expression on the face of the viewer, or to hear the heartfelt comments of that one special person who ultimately takes this sculpture for their own collection, it is this exchange that spiritually intertwines me with that person. The cycle is complete and I am free to move on; to create again. And yes, life is good."

message Deb

Deb Wood
of Enchanted Hearts has been working in the world of fantasy and creating one of a kind figurative artworks since 1988. Known worldwide for her art and creativity, her greatest passion is helping others find their own love for sculpting and art. Most recently teaching online classes has become a way for her to share with people throughout the world!

Check out the photo galleries of Deb's past work to get more familiar with her wonder that captivates people.


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