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Another Fun Feature

A New Gallery for Our Members share their other artistic endeavors

This new Gallery Section gives our members an opportunity to show other areas of art that they work in.
We aren't just fabulous sculptors, we are multi faceted Artists! This is our chance to share those other talents with you.


feel free to upload images of your other artworks or hobbies here.


Click Upload. You may load up to 5 images at one time. Photo sizes should be no larger than 8 x 10 and 150 DPI max. Once they are uploaded, then go back to each picture and click Edit. There you will get a window where you can tell us about the photo and also, please add your name so we know who posted! Thanks- have fun with this! I will delete older images to make room for new images. 

*Admin reserves the right to edit or delete photos as necessary.

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One of my Acrylic Paintings representing the woman as a nurturing figure.
By Marisol Grijalva

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