"I Just Joined. Where Do I start?"

We realized that we have so many resources here at IADR spanned through so many pages that it's super easy to get lost in the vastness of it all, get intimidated and not know where to even begin. So, we created this New Member Checklist to have an ideal start as the newest Member of the International Art Doll Registry. Simply go down the checklist to get a well-rounded feel for our environment here at IADR. Click on the icons with each step to be taken to the corresponding page on our site.

Admin. is always here for questions and to assist you in any way we can. Now that you're a Member, you've got a team of people behind you. 


The IADR Registry. Register your sculptures through our Registry, the only one of its kind for OOAK sculptures, for a permanent record to prove ownership and authenticity of the sculpture. Also check the criteria for registering a sculpture.


The Member's Only Forum. There is a TON of information in the forum spanning many years so feel free to search the forums using the search tool to see what can be learned from the forums. Also feel free post there anytime about any help you may need from our Membership.


IADR's Critique ServiceThis is a great alternative if you do not wish to obtain a Mentor for the time being and yet be able to obtain a professional critique on your artwork from a highly accomplished artist that has been in the industry for 30years, Deb Wood.


Get A Sculpting Mentor! Connect with someone to have in your corner--to talk with about your art and guide you through the journey of sculpting OOAK sculptures.


Free Member-Only Tutorials! These free tutorials have been generously provided to IADR by our Membership for your use. Many of the tutorials were created exclusively for IADR. 


Enter Our Bi-Monthly Member-Only Shows! These are the shows you may be familiar with as they are regularly shared in our public Facebook page. Now you can participate! Best yet, at year's end our Members choose the themes for the following year!

How do the shows work? Since the shows are monthly shows, they run the entire month of the specified month. If you want to participate in any show, (1) simply chose the show that catches your attention and create a sculpture that reflects the selected theme. (2) You then just take the pre-determined photos of your sculpture and submit your entry by filling out the Show Entry Form... and that's it--you've entered that show! Your entry will then be displayed on the show page which we will always make easy to find. 

After the judges have submitted their scores, the winners will be announced in our Facebook groups.


Request A Video Pose. This is pretty exciting! As a Member you now have exclusive access to whatever pose you want... in 360 degree views! If you have a pose in mind and would like to recreate it realistically but can't because you don't have a reference. Browse this page to learn how to request your own pose--no limits.


Get A Website Created For Your Art! A website to act as a digital portfolio for an artist is as important as a follow up is to a salesman; if you don’t have one, you loose out. We can help our fellow IADR Members with that.


"Art As A Business" Knowledge. If you would like to make a living with your art we have an incredibly thorough section dedicated to just that. Browse these topics to learn more.

That list is a great starting point to get a good feel for IADR. The rest of the pages on our site can be browsed at your leisure. Remember, everyone at IADR is always available for help and questions.


Membership is only $49.00 billed every year on the anniversary date you signed up with us. That breaks down to about $4.09 a month. That's less than a cup of Starbucks coffee  😁👍🏼  


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Viewer discretion is recommended. 
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