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This page is dedicated to displaying YouTube (or any other video that can be embedded) videos on the things that matter most to our Members so they can go to one centralized place and QUICKLY find the videos they typically search for on YouTube. 

⚠️ Only IADR Members will be able to request videos to be put on our video page. If you’re an IADR Member, simply email our Administrator, Fredo ( the link to the video(s) you’d like on this new IADR Video Page and he will put them up for you. 

Also, if you’re an IADR Member and you have a YouTube channel, send that link to me too and we’ll promote your channel on this page as well as feature your tutorial videos on here.

Past Deb Wood Live Sculpting Retreats

(2017)                                            (2018)

Sculpting the Head

Sculpting the Hands & Arms

Sculpting the Torso

Sculpting Legs & Feet

Adding Hair

Painting & Blushing

Accessories & Embellishments 

Making Wings & Fins

Making Clothing


Making Molds

Making Eyes

Special Techniques


Packaging Your Artwork

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