IADR Updates for a New Decade!

Sunday, December 01, 2019 6:28 PM | Fredo Declán Hernández (Administrator)

Hey Everyone,

We've been working on several superficial updates to IADR for you all to freshen and liven things up in the new decade that approaches and it was time to share them with the Membership. First up we have a brand new Member Show Winner's Banner shown below!

We wanted something that would appropriately illustrate how serious we like to take our Members that put in all that time, effort and energy into making wonderful submissions for all to enjoy!

Second, the Year-End Award winners now have their own page on our site. Below you'll see where to find the new page--

Third, we've already announced this feature in our Member's Only Facebook group, but, in an effort to better improve our website and how IADR works for you, we are implementing a new feature so that you can all actually REGISTER for the shows that you want to participate in! That way it will help as a tool to keep us accountable if we are fed up with WANTING to participate in shows but something always seems to get in the way.

I know this method works for me, if I “register“ for something it almost gives me that extra push to make a bigger effort to actually follow through with that commitment. So here’s hoping this may help you all in your participation and being part of all the fun! I’ve already registered for my shows

Below are the simple steps that you can take to register for your favorite shows. Simply go to our homepage at the link provided below and scroll down until you see the picture in step one listed below.

After you find that section on our homepage simply click on the name of the show that you want to register for and you will be taken to the registration page (step 2 below.) There you simply click on the black register button on the left side pictured in step two and that’s it. You will then receive a confirmation email for your registration!

Lastly, we are completely revamping our show pages that displays everyone's entries for each show. We think the new page will be more exciting and engaging for you all! That snapshot we'll keep as a surprise until we receive the first entry submission for the January 2020 Dryad Show. We are also working on a new page for the website that will house the many other mediums in which we can create OOAK art and our hope is that ti will also house information (videos, TuTs) on how to explore those other mediums so you can stretch yourselves here as a Member of the International Art Doll Registry! We're always wanting our Members to grow, improve and evolve.

We're always here for any questions. We'll talk to you all very soon--HUGS.

International Art Doll Registry Administrator
Fredo Declán Hernández | www.FreyDez-Studios.org 


Membership is only $49.00 billed every year on the anniversary date you signed up with us. That breaks down to about $4.09 a month. That's less than a cup of Starbucks coffee


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