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IADR Show for February 2015 -- "Art from the Soul"

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Photos can be a maximum of 400 px WIDE to fit on this page.

 If you choose to use a landscape layout for your "Best View" photo, it will appear smaller here than the others. 

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Winner   Leann Marshall- "The Artist"

Winner Elisa Fenoglio -- "The Impossible Love"


Federica Furci -- The Crow

Melanie Chouinard -- Raissa

Jacquelyn Fenicchia -- Sweet Sorrow

Leann Marshall -- The Artist 

Mari Carmen Garcia --  Silence of the Soul

Timea Vajinne -- Ordinary Super Nanny

Lynne Burgess -- Seren

Federica Furci -- Jessica Rabbit

Sandra Espinosa -- Lilly

Laura La Furci -- Temptation

Serena Rastrelli -- The Wealth of Knowledge

Judy Pollard -- Signs of Spring 

Thalia Woolbright -- True Love's Key 

Thalia Woolbright -- Gwendolyn for my Mother

Laura La Fauci -- Fairy Breeze 

Regina Russo-- My Rebirth

Mar Corral -- Mossum The Greenwood Lake Guardian

Mar Corral-- Anouk

Esther (Techy) Manso -- Circle of Life

Luke Antony Smith --  Growing Up

Isabela Krzyzanek -- Sister Love

Barbara DeGirolamo -- The Wave Embrace 

Elisa Fenoglio -- The Impossible Love 

Mamie Leger --  Brigid

Mindy Wood  -- Forever Young

Esmeralda Gonzalez --  Sweet Innocence

Natascha Farber --  Samba Girl

Benedicte Chiomento --  Mon Vieil Ami

Barbara DeGirolamo -- Autumn Flower Fairy

Tatiana Canini-- Don't Touch My Little Wolf

Ineke Gniffies -- The Troll

Mamie Leger -- Abigail

 Esmeralda Gonzalez -- Peppo's Lullaby 

Amanda Day -- New Life

Lyuba Dimtriyev-- Leliana

Kristiina Meiner -- Oasis

Alessandra Nicolin -- Geisha's Memories

 Lisa Sahakian -- Aspen

            Anna Cimmino -- Nightmare                     

Deborah Hope Allen -- Rose and Jack... Love at First Sight

Palma Battaglia --- Awakening of the Foan

Irene Setyaeva -- Ballerinas 

Irene Setyaeva -- My Unreal Equilibristic Dream

Sherry Lee -- Harmony of the Sea

Noemi Smith -- Archangel

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