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IADR Show for February 2016 - "Art from the Soul"

Winners are announced! 

    Novice                 Intermediate              Advanced

              Daniela Spagnolo "The Poppy Fairy"        Laura la Fauci  "Metamorphosis"           Elisa Fenoglio  "Secret Geisha" 

                  Meritorious Kudos (A new Award) 


                                                               Ineke Gniffies for her The Jolly Lamp 

  Read the Rules  


To enter a show, go to Members Only/Enter Show tab

Please Note: Members who have already won a show during this calendar year have the line "Show Only, Non Compete, prior 2015 Winner" under their entry. 

They can still show and get comments from the judges, but can only win one show per year. Remember, participation is important, it presents your artwork on the web and you support IADR when you do! Thanks Members, for your understanding. 

         Novice          Intermediate           Advanced 

Barbara Cintolesi - Titania & Puk

Timea Vajonne- Graceful

Thalia Woolbright - My Broken Pieces

Loredana Salvo - Thalia

Elisabetta Visentini --Norma, Masks and Life


 Eleonora Casciaro -- Essence



         Bibs Lovelypam -- Passion of Dance

          Serena Rastrelli- With Bated Breath


                  Jessica Pompa -- Allison

           Tiziana Passanisi -- Mystic Rain

  Sara Faverio -- Maiko, Kabuki Lion Dancer

            Leslie Duthlie -- Happiness Fairy

                 Barbara Pecoraro --  Lucile


Mar Coral - Rammïa Mermaid and her Piranha

       Daniela Spagnolo -- The Poppy Fairy 

         Donna Polly -- It's the Little Things 

         Victoria Edwards -- Cora Cupid AKA 

                        Chocolate Love

Jasmine Helme - Fairy Lost of Hope

Sandra Espinosa -- Birdy

Federica Furci  - Freedom

Christel Hutson - Enchanted Soul

Francesca Cirino - Satine 

Martina Indaco -- Dream Fairy

Laura La Fauci  -- Metamorphosis

Emanuela La Valle -- The Soul of Catrina

Dorota Pietrzyk -- The Dreamer

Anna Cimino -- The Best Color in the World

Bénédicte Chiomento - Femmes, je vous amie

Deborah Hope Allen -- Introspection A Glimpse into the Inside

Esther Manso -- Aquatic Passion

Lisa Sahakian -- Letting Go

Barbara De Girolamo - Cicada Rose Fairy

Elisa Fenoglio - Fairy Lost of Hope

Ineke Gniffies- The Jolly Lamp

Kristiina Meiner -- O-Hanami. Sakura.

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