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updated on November 30th, 2019

You Voted, We Listened!
Here are the final four online show themes for 2020! Now you can all get a head-start on your entries! The official show banners are being created by our President, Deb Wood, and will be displayed on our homepage as soon as they're completed. They will also be shared on our FB group as well. THANK YOU to all the Members that took the time to participate and casted their votes! Our hope is that in doing 4 shows instead of 7 a year there will be more show participation to make things more exciting and engaging for our wonderful Members.

Not A Member?

Want to Participate In A Show?

                                 Join the IADR Family

The online themed shows are for International Art Doll Registry Members, so if you're not currently part of the IADR family, consider joining us below to be able to enjoy the many benefits of our family Membership.

Why Participate In Member Shows?

Member shows allow you to;

  • have your work reviewed & critiqued by industry leading artists who are well-known and accomplished in their craft
  • allowing you the opportunity to get your name out there
  • network with these amazing artists and the other artists in the Artdoll community  
  • have them provide you with feedback on your artwork so that you may better your artdolls with every piece to be able to get to the level of professionalism you desire.

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